4 min readJan 30, 2022

If I got a penny for every time I have heard this statement in the last few weeks, I would be a millionaire already — probably chilling in my yatch with lots of food and wine to go round.

But, life doesn’t work that way. Instead, the recurring questions only meant that i had to get an autoresponder for the different kinds of questions i got.

A little back story

In pursuit of being the convener of my own life — do things on my own terms and explore life to its fullest, I have decided to allow myself the freedom to explore things and places that I desire notwithstanding what is at stake.


“i Want it, I get it"

So, sometime last year, I developed this sudden love for nose piercing. I honestly don’t know why — but the urge to get one lingered for too long to ignore.

At the time, I was scared of what mummy would say or the prejudice from strangers — but that thought didn’t settle for too long before it got whisked away by the subtle reminder that I am the convener of my life and I would do whatever to make me happy. Whether it ended bad or good — I would be happy regardless, I tried at least, and allowed myself the spontaneity i wanted.

As you must have imagined, I thought about the pain that comes with it — so I made alot of Google search about it — types of piercing, nose piercing without ear piercing, how does it look on black men?and whatnot. I was too curious and I needed answer.

Fast forward to December, I paid a friend who does piercings. At this point, I had settled it within me that whatever happens, happens. I wanted it and I will get it.

Back to recent day.

Second week of January, I got the nose piercing and it didn’t really hurt as much as I thought. Tbvh, it didn’t hurt at all — except for the second the gun pierced through my nose and the ring was inserted. After that, it was just mild pain that even the smallest creature could endure.

I loved it.

It looked exactly the same way I had pictured it to be.

Incase you’re curious, I still haven’t told my parents about it.

I don’t know what their reactions would beand I am not sure i am ready for that either.

Anyways, school fully resumed and I got to meet my friends and coursemates. As expected, the regular exchange of niceties plus a hug that comes with the overheard word “Happy new year”.

But for me, it didn’t end there.

It always got accompanied with an “Ah, why did you pierce your nose"

In all honesty, I expected the surprise but not to the extent i got.

I was always dumbfounded when I get bashed with all of these questions. I’d be walking to class and stumble on a friend — and i would hear one of these questions.

  • “Ah! When did you pierce your nose?"
  • “Why did you pierce your nose now?"
  • “Is it real” These set of people sometimes even fold up my nose and bend over to check if the ring truly pierced down my nose and I’d just stand there, dumbfounded and smirk because I do not want to make the scenario even more awkward.
  • “Did it hurt when you pierced it?”
  • “Tell me it is not painful, I want to get one too" Like, c’mon — does anything goes through a hole without inducing pain, I mean — all type of holes. 😉
  • Are your parents not going to complain?”
  • “You’re now a bad boy abii?”

This and a loadful of more I really can’t remember.

And there are those who gave me sweet compliments and made me feel like I was next to Micheal Jordan on the ranking.

It was heart-warming to see that half of these compliments came from girls.

Also, there are those people who wouldn’t say a word but would stare at my face without an ounce of remorse till I get so uncomfortable.

I mean, I get it. It’s alot for them to comprehend.

Lol, it’s just me, doing me.

At least, to this day — I have gotten used to all sort of comments and reactions that stems from my nose piercing.

I do not longer get surprised. I just smile, smirk or just chirp in “thank you" to the nicest comments.

Hopefully, very soon — y’all would stop getting surprised at it — and start getting surprised at what I’d do next.

Well, that’s because I would not stop trying to explore. I see intriguing adventures everyday, and I want to try it too.

Till next time.

Bye mate.