A little back story

In pursuit of being the convener of my own life — do things on my own terms and explore life to its fullest, I have decided to allow myself the freedom to explore things and places that I desire notwithstanding what is at stake.

Back to recent day.

Second week of January, I got the nose piercing and it didn’t really hurt as much as I thought. Tbvh, it didn’t hurt at all — except for the second the gun pierced through my nose and the ring was inserted. After that, it was just mild pain that even the smallest creature could endure.

  • “Why did you pierce your nose now?"
  • “Is it real” These set of people sometimes even fold up my nose and bend over to check if the ring truly pierced down my nose and I’d just stand there, dumbfounded and smirk because I do not want to make the scenario even more awkward.
  • “Did it hurt when you pierced it?”
  • “Tell me it is not painful, I want to get one too" Like, c’mon — does anything goes through a hole without inducing pain, I mean — all type of holes. 😉
  • Are your parents not going to complain?”
  • “You’re now a bad boy abii?”



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