2 min readAug 26, 2021


For a while, I was more than convinced that the ultimate goal of every writer is to flex their skill, get their little piece read, get acknowledged and most importantly make money doing what they love.

Unlike many writers, mine was learnt — I would like to also mention that it wasn’t intentionally learnt. During the lockdown in the first half of 2020, I got bored and sick of staying at home and even social media wasn’t helping me at this point so I resulted into reading novels and every book my gaze could catch around the house. I can remember vividly how I started with “GIFTED HANDS by Dr, Ben Carson’ – a book I had acquired a long time ago but refused to read it because reading was an uphill task for me.

I learnt a lot from reading books and this I can say, makes me yearn for more. The fact that I got to learn a new word and also enrich my knowledge bank about a certain field of discipline triggers the aura to read even more. Reading quickly became a fun exercise for me. I would always use my newly learnt word into every conversation it could fit with my friends – this way I was improving on my vocabulary.

An unknown individual once said “if you want to be a great writer, you need to have an insatiable appetite for reading”.

The secret of a great writer lies in the collection of books in their library. Sometimes, the books you read somewhat influence your ideology.