Signs that the loyl is about to dump you

4 min readOct 20, 2022
Heartbreak image from Unsplash

They say love is blind, but if we are honest, love is not blind, it’s just you wearing blind folds. Many times, the red flags appear to be green because we are trying to lie to ourselves that we might be overthinking.

Anyways, I have put on a microscopic glass and would be looking beyond the green flags for you. Here, are the signs that the LOYL is about to dump you

1. They are suddenly too busy — If your partner wakes up and you’re not the first person they think of, you’re not that important. Even worse if they don’t call you like 5 times in a day because they are too busy with work then you might as well go and price one packet of handkerchief because you will soon cry.

2. Their favorite song is Last Last by Burna boy — Yes, we all agree that Burna boy’s last last is a good song but why is your partner suddenly growing an intensed liking for the song? It is even worse if their favorite part of the song is “LAST LAST NA EVERYBODY GO CHOP BREAKFAST”. Imagine your partner screaming those lines in front of you. God abeg ooo

3. They don’t hype you up when you spam them anymore — This one is an automatic red flag. If you spam your partner fine jpegs and their only comment is “you look good” then get ready to start packing your bags. What happened to “Olu aye bam bam, all power belongs to you comrade, your face show, your shoe shine, apatapkiti!! Olori oko number 1, nobody fine reach you”.

4. They are making plans without you — This is especially for partners who would usually hang out together. If your partner suddenly starts making plans without you, then you might as well hear it from me that your partner is learning how to live without you.

5. They now call you by your government name — we all know that it is written somewhere in the constitution that it is illegal to call your partner by their government name. The moment you go from “baby” to “Ogunmepo Chukwudi Osaroghene” just go and dust your slippers, you’ve overstayed your welcome and breakfast would be knocking on your door soon.

6. They don’t share TikTok videos with you anymore — We all know that if your partner truly loves you, they will care about your happiness. Imagine your partner not caring about your daily laughter reach. It is their duty to share TikTok videos with you. If they default in that, I’m sorry to break it to you but you will soon eat morning food.

7. They don’t longer anticipate tlof tlof with you — What more could spice up a relationship if not an healthy heavily anticipated hot tlof tlof. If your partner do no longer wish to go 12 rounds with you like before or suddenly reduce the numbers of rounds to 6, just know that they are giving the remaining 6 rounds to someone else. I know this because a legend does not decline in their life skill, instead they work hard to do better. If you know you know.

8. They don’t text you when it is raining anymore — When else is the best time to text your partner and send noods if it isn’t on rainy days. When single pringles go about posting “Weather for you”, it is your right as a relationship person to text your partner and make good use of the weather. Moreover, it is a sin to waste resources.

9. They reduce the number of ❤️ emojis they send — This might look like an issue to ignore but DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT ignore the number of heart emojis your partner send to you. Usually, it is supposed to be three. If/when you notice the reduction in number of emojis, take it from me that your partner is sending the remaining lost counts to someone else and soon your emoji subscription would finish and you’ll cry hot tears.

10. They laugh at other people jokes — It is a known fact that nobody else should make you laugh other than your partner. It is a disrespectful act to laugh at other peoples joke especially when you’re in the presence of your partner. Only your partner should make you laugh. The only time you are allowed to laugh at other peoples jokes is if your partner approves of it. If they don’t respect this rule then it is a clear message that you’re not relevant to them and you might as well just walk out of their life.

Bonus: They usually breathe in your absence — Why are you breathing when I am not around? Is your partner not supposed to be your breathe controller? Why can’t you engage in other things like cry, get moody or play dead until your partner comes around. Are you trying to say that your partner doesn’t take your breath away? Fix up plis

I know, I know — Don’t say thank you, it’s the least I can do for the community. Now, go and watch out for these subtle signs.