Sex is good for productivity

2 min readJul 1, 2022

Many will agree with me while others might have a differing opinion — either way, I’d like to state that every statement in this content is purely stemmed from my undiluted opinion. Thus, you’re not expected to agree with me — I need to you to simply hear me out, give your opinion if you will or just nod your head as your read through. Thank You.

You may be wondering why I have a disclaimer ahead — well, this is because the subject of “Sex” is an extremely controversial one. A lot of people have different opinions about sex — for this reason, my opinion may contrast their programmed ideology of sex and that is totally fine.

If you are the type that have a lot of sex, you can attest to the fact that asides the bubble of adrenaline, endorphins and many other hormones that run through your body when you are in action, sex brings clear mindedness and allow you think freely and beyond border.

Clear mindedness after sex can be tied to the term “Post Nut Clarity”. I wouldn’t be talking about that at length but basically what it means is the soberness that comes after having sex. When emotions are high and sexual tension is heightened between two people (or more), there’s this fog that cloud your mind that doesn’t allow you think in the way that you should, in your normal state. The only thing that would matter to you at this point is to collide genitals and hit orgasm as soon as you can. After cumming, the body naturally settles and sometimes, shame set in and you begin to reflect the last couple minutes. That’s Post-Nut Clarity.

In a conversation with a few friends, all of them attested that having sex at night propels the motivation to get going at work in the morning. Both men and women alike become alerted, enthusiastic, light-headed and excited after getting that nut.

To function better at work, you need to be in your most relaxed state — that is, zero stress level, calm and clear minded. According to experts, a good sex allows you sleep healthy, eat good, breathe fresh air, reduce anxiety and best of it all, makes you happy. Now tell me, what else is needed to pump your enthusiasm? I bet nothing.

With this in mind, should in case it gets foggy in your head and you are unable to think — you might just need to get a good tlof tlof.

Don’t say I did NUT do anything for you🌚