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Okay, this isn’t just a random statement uttered to conform with the assumption that “school na scam” — instead, this is an utterance coined out of frustration, block-headedness, pressure, and brokenness.

I had just resumed back to school after the long break we had in 2020 — thanks to Corona Virus. The way I envisioned coming back to school was not how it turned out for me, Infact, I am tired 😴.

Here I am, sprawling on my bed, sharing half of my bedspace with gigantic course handouts, laying helplessly, waiting for an innocent student to brace his gaze upon them. Definitely not me. Maybe me 😔.

It’s been two weeks of heavy storms of school works, ranging from assignment to lectures and whatnot. I’m finally trying to settle in my new hostel, strangled with the need to set up the room, which is undoubtedly money sucking. I’m broke.

Need I mention the long distance of my new hostel to the school. The bikemen in this area must be grinning heavily.

Few days ago, rumors had it that exams were close by and time-tables were ready. Like they say “seeing is believing”. I didn’t bother so much about it — - well, until yesterday when I saw my departmental examination time-table. E-test is even closer — and this poor student here hasn’t read anything. Why soo fast??? 😔.

Right now on my bed, I’m choked with the thoughts of how I’d swallow 4 voluminous textbooks filled with theories and all sort of ‘HARVARD’ philosophies in the space of 1 week, coupled with the 4 departmental courses and a project, which I might have a problem with. See, I don’t know why my HOC has decided to peer me up with a group of students that hardly come to class for an examination project, Arggh!!! The thought of it drowns my spirit.

Oh!! I think I should also add that I was chased out of the library few days ago because I pulled down my nose mask when I got in. Like!!!! WTF!!! DO THIS PEOPLE NOT ACCEPT SORRY?!!. All my plea fell on deaf ear. I was sent out. I promised myself not to go back to that library until I completely forgave that man — so far, i haven’t. WHAT NONSENSE! CHASED ME OUT?? ARGHHH! I PAID SCHOOL FESS OO! 🙄.

Anyways, if I continue to vent how frustrating school has been, I’d never return back to those books waiting for me to pounce on them. I believe I’ll survive this. I’ll be here again to tell you how I leap over this hurdles.

Now, let me check the kitchen for any edibles to feed on while i read.

Phew!! I feel relieved doing this.

Let me check what HENRI FAYOL (1967) was saying again.





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