Prepare For The Worst, Always.

4 min readJul 8, 2022

I moved from having 3 sources of income to none in a month.

Ordinarily, I’d just assume it is village people doings but having it that I have not blown or at least, close to what I’d assume to be successful, I do not see any reason why village people would do this to me — well, except they just love doing what they love to do most, being wicked.

Haha! Okay enough of that. Realistically, this crazy turn of event broke every piece of mania in me. At a point, I began to nurture the thought that perhaps I had done something wrong midway that must have resulted to this but truthfully I have done all my jobs with so much enthusiasm as needed and I am good at what I do, I know this because I have seen results.

Let me feed you in, here is how it all started. As a freelancer, I am always hoping from one client to another — a work lifestyle that I have gradually immersed into. Due to the nature of my job, I am always on the lookout for the next possible project, or say, client to work with. Well, except days when I have a load full of task on my desk and I am too busy to look for more. Asides that, I am always on the road, sending applications and pitches to potential clients.

Earlier this year, I was juggling three content writing jobs that were seamlessly easy to handle so I couldn’t worry less. Okay. In all honesty, it choked sometimes but the money was good and that was enough consolation. While I bask in the euphoria of my newly found world, the worst happened and I hit rock bottom.

First, it started in April when one of my client called me in and said I should halt operation for a while because the website needed to undergo a reconstruct. It was sad that I would have to let off a source of my income but I took consolation from the fact that it was only going to be a short while before I got back on seat. Safe to say that never happened — at least until now. My boss doesn’t reply my message anymore when I ask about how the website is coming along and I think that’s enough message for me to understand. It is even sad to see the once verily active blog go quiet all of a sudden.

In my usual manner, I moved along and focused on a contract job I had recently started that required me to deliver 4 contents in a month. I loved this one in particular because it paid the highest and doesn’t stress me much but that excitement didn’t last long because I got ghosted again.

After I had delivered a sample work and my client totally loved it, I started the first real project. I delivered in my usual manner and he took time to respond. I’d understand his reason for late response because he oversees a large firm and was always catching one flight or another. When he eventually responded, he acknowledged the article and paid. Without thinking, i started the next project because what could be a better motivation than money? More money perhaps.

When i finished, I texted him and he insisted I held on for a bit because he was doing a lot at the time and wouldn’t be able to manage our task as much as he ought to. A valid reason I understood because I could visibly see his location change from time to time. Long story short, he’s yet to call me back on board.

Unlike the first two, the third job didn’t end in sorrow. Maybe it did but it ended because I had completed my project and the client didn’t need further assistance. In a twinkle of an eye, I was jobless. I mean, I was practically occupied a moment back with loads of work that the last thing on my mind was sending more applications but here I am now, staring at the blank page on my computer, writing yet another cover letter because life’s a bitch and it’s really fucking me at the moment.

The sad part of this whole situation is how nobody believes me when I mentioned how broke I am. I totally understand why they wouldn’t because who have 3 jobs and doesn’t brag about it? Maybe you don’t, but I certainly did.

There’s not so much to learn from my rant other than the need to not totally get comfortable in whatever situation you are. As much as you want to relax and enjoy your present soft life, always prepare for the worst. At least, you wouldn’t be disheartened compared to being caught unannounced.

While I faze out of here to send more pitches and sulk in rejections, I’d love to iterate my whole point with a popular say in Yoruba Language — “Ija wa, Ija osi, Always guiding”

Interpretation — whether there’s a battle to fight or not, get your guard up at all time.

Peace and see y’all later. ✌️