3 min readAug 26, 2021


A friend once told me something that stucked to my memory. she said, to make a good writer and improve your writing prowess, you need to learn the importance of originality because that’s where your power lies;

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Your uniqueness speaks volumes about how competent you are. By originality, you need to learn the craft of writing your own words, your own thoughts and your own ideas. First of all, you write out these ideas, thoughts, as it is in your head, you don’t always have to be bothered about perfection or using a comprehended word.

You can always edit your work later, but first, you need to learn how to pen down thoughts as it is in your heart, this is a spokes to originality. The essence of this is that you tend to understand your own work perfectly — then it can easily be understood by anyone else who come across your work.

Research has proven that when a creative doesn’t fully understand what he/she is doing, there is an high possibility that it’d be difficult for the audience to depict the message either.

A wise man once said…

“if you can’t explain it to a 5 years old child. You also don’t understand it”.

Your writing uniqueness or arrangement of words could just be the only way someone out there can understand a message. Also, I am fully aware about the importance of writing like a professional and finding the right keywords or choice of words that best suit and convey the message — but also note that to do this, you first of all need to understand that only you know what you are about to write. Learn to convey the message in such a way that a person who has no educational experience would grasp a meaning to it.

Your write up, ideas, contents, are totally useless and irrelevant if the audience/ readers do not understand what you are trying to say. Simplicity is key.

You don’t always have to know the end from the beginning before you start scribbling words on your papers, its okay not to have an idea of the full context before you begin. Personally, I have embarked in so many short stories and articles without prior idea of how it would be concluded. Most times, I just follow my impulse.

I believe this is where the power of originality lies, a typical scenario also is this particular article. I started writing this without a prior idea how it was going to end, I don’t know if anybody would ever read this but I have to pen this down anyway.

Lastly, consistency helps improve your skill. This might not happen so quickly — but as times passes, you will definitely discover that your writing style had changed with time. You only get better by trying, and you don’t always have to get it right in the first attempt, second or even third. I would always go back to the articles and stories i had written when I initially started writing and I would grin at the sight of improvement I have made over time.

I hope this inspires you.