My Nigerian Dream

2 min readDec 22, 2020

Nigeria is a home for a lot of amazing people, enriched with beautiful cultures, language, tribes. Despite our diversities, we have grown fond of each other, in unity and love; we have spent the past 60 years together.

Like every home should be — safe, peaceful and comfortable. Nigeria hasn’t really being like a home for many, our safety isn’t prioritized nor do we have our peaceful days as before. The average Nigerian is in constant fear for their lives. We have accustomed adjusting to every uncomfortable situation thrown at us caused by the inefficient management of the governmental power and resources by the authorities.

My Nigeria dream is a home filled with love and peace; a home where the people saddled with the responsibility of securing lives do not kill us, a home where we can be comfortable, a home we can always return to willingly whenever we explore the world. A home that will be corruption free, giving opportunities to every citizen to have a taste of the national cake. A home where education would be meaningful, a home to fight for, a home that will be free of terrorism and decrease in crime rate, a home where the voice of the people is important, a home where the people fundamental right is respected, a home to be proud of.

I dream of a Nigeria where the civil servants earn a reasonable pay, I dream of a Nigeria where you can get things done without having to know someone in the higher offices, I dream of a Nigeria where the entire populace will be comfortable. I dream of a Nigeria where there will be accountability and transparency of government works. I dream of a Nigerian where free and fair elections will be conducted. I dream of a Nigeria where we do not loose out creatives to brain drain.

I dream of a Nigeria where our health sector would be adequately equipped. I dream of a Nigeria where public servants do not live on bribe, a Nigeria where lecturers do not request for sex from a student before they are given their appropriate results, a Nigeria where the academic and non academic staff do not have to resolve to strike before their demands are met, a Nigeria where schools are equipped with professional and appropriate learning materials, a Nigeria where the leaders wants to lead because of patriotism, a Nigeria where our democracy is legitimate, a Nigeria where the law is respected by everyone.

The Nigeria dream is a list of infinitum. The people of the green land deserve a Nigeria where the system works in our favor, just like every home — peaceful, safe, and comfortable. Conclusively, I dream of a Nigeria where her citizens join hands and work together to achieve the dream of Nigeria.