5 min readJan 30, 2021


I detest the Rottweiler breed and here’s why.

Your thoughts are as right as mine. I was chased.

Short note: You might want to excuse yourself to a safe place where you can laugh hysterically. Well, because you will.

In 2017, a friend bought a Rottweiler beast ( because that is what they are )out of the other beautiful creation of dogs that existed.

Prior to that, I had never had an encounter with a rottweiler one-on-one. I always made sure i kept my distance. You might ask why? Well because of the numerous harm they have caused people in the many stories i heard. There’s a demon that dwell in them that makes them overly aggresive 24 hours, 7days.

The origination of my hatred blew up when I visited my friend on one Sunday. He hadn’t come to church that morning because he was a little under the weather, so I decided to check-in after service to say “hello”. Little did i know what was waiting ahead of me. I got to his house, he was sprawling on the bed like someone that had given up on life. I moved closer to have a chit-chat after our “How Far’s". Suddenly, i kid you not, out of nowhere, I heard this 2 month old rottweiler growl at me — threatening with it’s teeth widely open. I was startled, because I couldn’t bring myself to imagine what the little monster would do with those immature tooth.

The second encounter was worse and that was what broke the straw for me. It was 6 months old already and at the time, there are numerous stories of how this black monster had chased old and young humans. The most hilarious was when the dog uprooted a thick flower root it was tied to, in an attempt to chase a passerby but unfortunately fell into the gutter when it tried to jump over it.


So, that fateful sunny afternoon, I was at his place as ususal, whirling away time, since I was bored and idle. A other friend came over — for the sake of anonymity, let’s call him Bee. He joined in a conversation i cannot recall what it was about. But somehow, we started talking about dogs and how aggresive different breeds can be.

For context, I was chased by a baby Eskimo a few months before this occurence and my friend (dog owner) always made sure he told everyone and anybody, just to mock me for running and falling into a mud because of a small eskimo. Tbh, I wouldn’t have ran if the puppy didn’t attempt to chase with its threatening teeth, but who would listen to my side of the story. I was chased, I fell into the mud, and everyone laughed, that was all they were concerned about.

I apologize for digressing. So that sunny afternoon, my friend had told the other guy about how I ran and fell into the mud and we all laughed. Well, maybe mine wasn’t genuine because I felt bad sha. Suddenly that conversation changed into a mid argument. My friend said his rottweiler was aggressive and would chase anybody, notwithstanding how big or brave-hearted you are. The other guy, started to spew brave village warriors line, talmbout — he wouldn’t run and blah blah blah, basically flexing muscle.

At this moment, it was a challenge, my friend got pissed and decided to swing into action. I, as a very soft-heartened and fearful fellow, decided to go inside before he releases the dog for whatever drama that was about to happen. I told my friend, I wanted to go inside the house first before he releases the dog. He nodded in agreement.

For some reason, the door decided to get stuck. I kept pushing and it wouldn’t move. Now, as you can imagine, i was sweating profusely.

Here is where it gets interesting. The overly proud dog owner who has everything to prove had released Tacha, with an assumption that I had secure a safe space inside the house.

With my eyes meeting the 6 months old monster, My heart began to pound faster and the next thing my brain could think of was to send signals to my long legs. I ran. I ran. I ran. Till today, I still wondered why the dog didn’t chase Bee, why was it me???


And yeah, your thoughts are as right as mine, I was chased. My friend began to pace after the dog that was running after me. It was an hilarious-awful scenario. I got to the end of the backyard and my only option was jumping the fence. Due to multiple signals pinching my brain, coupled with the thought of my reality, I ran over the fence, hitting my leg hard on the bricks and fell over to the other compound.

Laying on the floor like a smashed potato — helpless. I decided at that point that whatever was gonna happen, I was prepared for it. My body wouldn’t move anymore and I had began to feel hot tears gather up in my eyes. Still laying there, waiting for the dog to clench it’s teeth on my teenage body, but nothing happened. I was shocked, I decided to move my head a little backward and to my surprise, this beast was running back after it saw me had that terrible fall.

On the bright side, it had felt pity for the poor boy. I just didn’t know why it decided to back-off from the race it started. I felt a bit relieved and manage to get my tired body up. I had bruises all over and had broken a bone on my leg. I sat up and waited till the dog was chained and back to its cage before i limped back to the house. As expected, they all laughed and mocked me. I was livid. I mean, I was in pain and it hurt as hell — but all they could do was laugh at the drama that had just displayed.

It was only then that i learnt that Bee ran away while the dog got unchained. As if that was not enough, i heard the most annoying comments that day.

It’s wasn’t going to bite you, it’s still a puppy. It can only chase but cannot bite just yet.

TF. How was I suppose to stay calm when a dog clearly shows irritation at my presenceand decided that we did a quick run around the house.

Well, since the incident, i pledged not to associate myself that a rottweiler — ever again. As far as i am concerned, they are inherently demonic.

Now that you have had a good laugh, would you try not to mock me later in the future about this incident or even try to remind me of it — I have the scars to do that for me already.