I Want Money. A lot Of It.

3 min readJun 17, 2022
Denver in money heist.

I have come in terms with the realization that money is a tool. A powerful tool at that. Money is the eldest and most significant of the three children — Money, Fame and Power.

I once heard that one time, Power stood to disrespect money — and in pursuit to withhold it stance, money whip a couple wad of dollars on his immediate sibling face and guess what? Power stepped down and never rose to challenge money again.

I act like I am okay but deep down, I want to be whooped viciously with wads of dollars unstoppably raining on me.

Thinking of it, we need money for virtually everything. As I lay in my bed, I am planning in my head an escape from reality. A vacation perhaps. But my bank account would laugh at the idea so I don’t even think it loud enough for it to hear.

I need a break but my life would be so boring if I take a break and I don’t do anything. Virtually everything I need to do to help my mind get back in shape and function as usual is tied to money. A lot of it. Let’s start with food. I would believe that I am not the only one who regain my sanity by eating a lot of food. Also, not the regular type of food you eat everyday. Perhaps some Chinese, Spaghetti Bolognaise or maybe a Chicken Milanese. Best believe that I do not know what anything I just listed taste like — which is even more reason why I need to take this break.

Come to think of it, why do we have to work to earn money? What would happen if everybody in the world decides to quit working and just print money enough to go round so we can all be rich and be able to afford whatever we want. See, I’m not thinking right now and that’s because the idea of working till you die scares the shit out of me.


Trust, if money wasn’t a problem, I wouldn’t work. The only reason I would work is because I enjoy doing it. Making a living out of your hobby is fun and juicy till it becomes a job and I don’t want that.

Incase you are thinking of it, NO, I’m not lazy. Frankly speaking, what fun is it stressing yourself 30 days 12 months just to be rewarded with papers.

Sadly, seeing that money is a problem and would continue to be — I thought to write to the universe to send me a lot of it. Money enough to buy me whatever I want or go wherever I want to. I do not necessarily need to know how much I have in my account, just enough to help me whenever I want.

The smell and sight of money evoke springs of happiness from inside of me. It is the way to my heart. I, for one believe that money is not the root of evil, instead, it is the source of happiness. If there’s one thing I can bet my balls on, it is the fact that money can buy happiness. Whether rich or poor, everyone experience life troubles and as a result, get down times — and that has nothing to do with money. In Fact, you’ll be at an advantage if your problems are tied to finances. If you have money, you’re one of luckiest human on earth.

So here i am, appealing to Mother Earth to consider as a reward of my selfless service to earth — I mean, I give plants breaths. Kindly consider my request and send me money, alot of it. Money enough to serve me and generations to come.