2 min readFeb 12, 2021



Few weeks ago, I came on here to vent about how overwhelming school-work had been since resumption – and in the twinkle of an eye, it seem as though, I have just been catapulted into a much more puzzling level of work-load to handle. At this point, to be very honest, I can’t vent, I have totally lost my voice for that. I’d like to seek a little time aside in this period – to water my head, get my shoulders up again, and get the aura to write and write and write again without restraint.

In this grey cloud of assignments, tests, upcoming exams and project – it is almost impossible to get the littlest of time to read my favorite weekly series and books in my phone library, speak more of writing. I don’t even get the ideas anymore. I wouldn’t regard this as a block, c’mon, I just got off one which took me almost a month to recover.

Having said that, I’ll now be less active on all social network. Maybe then, I would be able to tailor my undivided attention to this examination. Like a friend once told me “do it now, so you don’t do it later”.

Not gonna lie, it could be a little tough staying away from this space for a while — but I will make sure to take note of every notable event or experience worth telling here while I’d be away.

It is still unknown how long I’d be away. I just feel relieved, knowing I took an official break from my ever-jiggy circle 😛(you, of course). Promise to be back stronger, better, with more explicit contents.

With this, a little drop of tear in my eye, and with a sober face, I’m adding the last full-stop to this. Till we meet again. Kisses.