2 min readMay 23, 2021


For so long, I'd been postponing the day of my arrival back to this blog. First of all, I told myself i was going to write again after my second semester exams which was undeniably draining - then procrastination and laziness set in and decided to habitate with me for a while.

Few days crawling into the month of April - a beautiful idea popped into my head, which I considered, ultimately awesome. I celebrated my 20th birthday and I'd planned to visit the blog and write about how hitting the 20s felt like but unfortunately I didn't feel anything on that day - not a single inch taller, not a growth of hair under my chin, my brain still work in the same pattern — so I thought to myself, what's the essence of writing about how the 20s feels like when I can't even feel it. Well... I do now and it's more pressuring.

I had imagined and also meditated deeply on how I was going to write my "back to blog" speech. I thought — would I have to just pop out of the dark in my fancy clothings with a classical song playing underneath while I walk my way into the stage or would it rather be me, hiding behind closed doors and when someone opens it, I'd just scream TA-DA.

TBH, it has indeed been draining these past few months, emotionally and mentally. But look at me, I'm still standing tall. I'm still here.

Oh myyyyy!!! I have missed this space so much - but you shouldn't worry much because I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

Look forward to catching up with the gist we've missed sharing while i was away — because, why not???? I'd be feeding y'all with everything you've missed about me.

So buckle your sit belt and get ready for the long ride. And also, kindly introduce a friend to visit this blog, share the fun stories with someone you love.

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Okay, right here is where I walk climb down the stage, my face lit up with a smile and a lot of you clapping real hard for me because Whutttttttttttttttttt!!!!! That was a hell of a speech!!!