Find Your Inspiration

3 min readJun 10, 2022

Whatever it is that keeps you going — hold onto it like Igbo men hold Akpu.

Image by @joshuaearle on Unsplash

For someone like me, I can’t pinpoint a specific item that inspires me to keep it moving. At times, it could be a clip I had recently watched that ignites in me, a spark. Other times, it is a story I had just read or something I newly saw. Whatever it was, be rest assured that it makes me feel like I can conquer the world — at least for the time being before it fades away again.

I’m constantly always in search for an inspiration. I envy the bunch of you that are keenly discipline and do not require additional push to keep you on track.

I hate to admit but I occasionally derail from track. In a moment, it looks like I am moving at a fast pace then suddenly I crack down and become unmotivated. This is the phase where I am at my lowest and constantly sulk at everything. I think I have a problem. I’d describe me as the train that wants to hear whispers of “You can do it” as I run through the tracks of my journey.

Many people do not realize that a vision board is not enough. Sometimes, you need that one person, or entity that reminds you of where you are heading to, why you are on this journey and what you stand to gain. To be frank, it get extremely tiring at times, if you are not strong enough you could quit. Life blows us on the cheek and in the face and say “Wha’Chu gon do huh?”. But, don’t take that to heart, it is a trap. Life’s a bitch and a bitch just wants to fuck you. Do not fall for the trick. It is absolutely okay to cry and steal time to recover but do not let life win. There’s always a reward for perseverance.

The last thing I want to be right now is a motivational speaker — but if we are being real, we need to hear these words at some point to remind us that tragedies are normal and we are expected to get hit and fight back but not quit. They said there’s light at the end of the tunnel but we will never know until we get there. One thing for sure is you will never get to discover what is at the end of the tunnel if you stop mid-way and quit.

It gets f**king lonely doing this life thing alone. Now, I am not talking about finding a significant other. That could work too but hey, I’m not a preacher of love so let’s ditch that. I’m saying find an inspiration. Carry it along as you walk through life and I mean, at your job, school, with your career, company or whatever you do that help you stay sane — find it and hold onto it. It lightens a fire of hope inside of you and strengthens every embodiment of your soul.

If you’re any chance like me, I’d suggest that you get yourself out there — meet people, talk to strangers, read books, watch a shit load of movies (even if your work would suffer it later), go on vacation if you can or just watch a YouTube video.

Your inspiration is out there and you need to go get it. Go!!!!! I’m rooting for you and I hope you do not get weary doing this life thing.

Practical Advice: Climb on a tall ground, say — mountain and scream at the top of your lungs “LIFE IS A BITCH AND I REFUSE TO GET FUCKED”

You’re welcome