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I and a few other friends visited the red-cross orphanage home at makoko, Lagos state for our first organization project. I am a member of a non-governmental organization, named Young Active Minds – our sole aim is to configure youths and teenagers [young minds] towards positive thinking and producing influential youths who will impact positively to humanity; in accordance to this, we decided to visit the makoko orphanage home for our first ever outreach to donate essentials to the children and put a smile on their faces.

On the 19th of December 2020, we visited the red-cross orphanage home at makoko to donate food and other essentials. I must confess that it was a wonderful experience.

According to the matron who welcomed us on that day, she mentioned that the orphanage home has a cluster of more than 800 children and also cooks up to 4 bag of rice on a natural day. A new ward is adopted every week – increasing the numbers of expenses and essentials needed to run the organization.

This organization is built in a peaceful and serene environment – they make sure to take care of the children essential needs and also provide formal education for them – as seen, there was a primary school in the premises.

Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, we weren’t allowed to see most of the children except for a few which we had to maintain a safe distance with to avoid physical contact. We had a Chitchat with the children and I was astonished at how talented these kids were. I met Ramon, who said he wanted to become a footballer and also a pretty young girl who loves dancing.

It was learnt that the organization often take the children out for events — Utilizing their available bus. The orphanage home works with the police and ministry of social welfare to get children.

They cater for;

Abused children

Abandoned babies

Motherless children

Missing children who are found by police or individuals.

Every individual deserve love and care, most especially from the family. Parental love and affection is second to none but sadly a lot of children do not get to enjoy this luxury. Many organizations have made it a task to make sure to serve humanity and help cater for the needy because all that matter is love.

Please, you if are in the best position to help the needy and donate a few essential to the homeless or less privileged ones, please do so. It goes a long way making the world a better place and filled with happy people.

Ah!!! Lest i forget,

Here are some of the pictures we took. 😁